Widji is an Aboriginal name meaning “place”, symbolic of working together to create a ‘sense of place’ and a connection to country through a holistic approach.

About Us

Widji is a Queensland-based Indigenous consultancy seeking to provide pragmatic and sustainable outcomes for community interests and industry needs. Our consultants specialise in cultural heritage, land management, community development, business support, GIS and mapping.

Widji is committed to promoting social and cultural enterprises across community and commercial partnerships. Our approach involves working closely with our clients to secure positive business outcomes in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We believe in a holistic approach, working inclusively and collaboratively to ensure positive outcomes for all parties involved.

Our Goals

Keep it Simple

Widji is dedicated to making work more straightforward for our clients. By being flexible and innovative we aim to keep processes simple and effective to facilitate better outcomes for all parties.

Work with Integrity and Honesty

At Widji we pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty in our workplace and across all of our valuable relationships. We believe that trustworthy actions set the foundation for successful engagement and always ensure our goals inform every step in our processes and plans.

Be Responsive to Change

Widji actively engages with changes in our operating environment to ensure we meet and exceed the needs of our clients. Widji is a team of young professionals who consistently seek to provide the most innovative and responsive approaches to allow us to leverage the best result for our clients.

Strength in partnerships

Our strength is founded on the partnerships we have forged with a diversity of stakeholders, and our commitment to supporting sustainable business practices across the social, cultural, environmental and economic sectors within the businesses we work with.